Building Leadership Skills

It goes without saying that to be successful in business you need strong leadership skills. But if yours are lacking, how can you build and strengthen them? There are actually a few ways to do just that. For example, a simple way to get started is to volunteer. Volunteer for special projects, committees and event planning. This will give you experience in team building and project management.

There are many books available on leadership skills and how to be a good leader, and while they may be valuable learning tools, the best way to learn leadership skills is by observing others. Having a mentor is truly invaluable! A mentor not only can demonstrate leadership skills to you and share their experience, but they can also provide valuable connections and networking opportunities.

Another excellent way to build leadership skills is to get an MBA. An MBA is an extremely valuable degree for anyone who wants to rise to upper or executive business management or for those who are interested in starting their own businesses. An MBA will give you training and experience in leadership as well as economics and all facets of running a business.  Today most businesses are look for MBAs when evaluating job candidates. An undergraduate degree is a good start, but it alone just isn’t enough anymore.  Click here to find out more.

How do you get an MBA? First, find a school with an accredited program. Then decide on the type of program you want (online, traditional or a hybrid) and what concentration you’d like. This can be business management, nonprofits, information technology, marketing, or several other specialties. If you’re employed, an online program may be your best choice so you can fit your classes around your schedule and study at home. Check with your HR department to see if they offer tuition reimbursement or assistance and take full advantage of it if they do. If not, talk to your chosen school about your financial aid options. Many schools offer monthly payment plans for tuition.

Once you’ve applied and been accepted, let your employer know, even if they don’t offer any kind of tuition assistance. Most will be happy to know you are working to improve your skills and it could open up doors for a raise or even a promotion. While you’re studying, be on the lookout for any internship opportunities and take them. They’ll help you put into practice what you are learning and strengthen your skills!

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